Beyond information, we aim to equip our constituency with the tools to advocate for a deliberate policy agenda that contains the following four pillars: a comprehensive domestic public health corps program, a global pandemic preparedness initiative, access to medicines assurances, and Medicare for All.

Our attention is currently focused on the first pillar, as we will leverage our upcoming Web-In to mobilize support for the emerging state-based campaigns calling for a national Community Health Corps -- a contact tracing program that will hire tens of thousands of out-of-work people to provide care and support to communities affected by COVID-19 and to begin to end the pandemic.

We are currently building coalition partnerships under these four categories:

  • Recruiting Partners

    • Organization’s to connect with who have similar ideologies/missions, whose members would be interested in joining our movement

    • Partners who will commit to regularly sharing our content & events 

  • Content Partners

    • Organizations who will commit to co-host events and assist in developing content for events

    • Organizations who will share content, articles and resources for our network 

    • Partners who will commit to regularly sharing our content & events 

  • Action Partners

    • Smaller, grassroots, on-the-ground organizations to connect with as a means of channeling our membership to contribute to their causes.

If you are interested, please email r2hwebin@gmail.com with the following information:

  • Name

  • Organization Name

  • Phone Number

  •  Type of Partner

  • Message