People’s Pandemic Prevention Plan:

Stop COVID-19, Build Back Better, and

Prevent the Pandemics of the Future

Endorsed by 141 Members of Congress, 450+ organizations, 1,500 front-line health workers, and 80,000* people from 121 countries

* over 125,000 combined endorsers for full PPPP and it's vaccine equity and/or zoonotic spillover components

 Millions in the U.S. and millions more worldwide have contracted COVID-19. More than a million have died. This disaster has been magnified by policy failures and irresponsible decisions and statements, sidelining of respected health experts, and abandoning the WHO at the worst time. When something as basic as mask-wearing becomes a symbol of partisanship and division, our leaders have taken a wrong turn. 


More pandemics are coming—soon. Some will be more infectious. Some will be more deadly.

Some will be both.

The next cataclysmic pandemic will not be another 100 years from now. As a result of globalization and climate change, new outbreaks are exponentially accelerating. With six times more animal -to-human outbreaks in 2010 than 1980, we stand poised to repeat this deadly cycle within the decade. 

The time is short to apply the lessons of COVID-19 and enact the policies needed to prevent this nightmare from happening again.​ America needs a bold, robust Pandemic Prevention Plan.

R2H Action, joined by more than 65,000 thousand activist leaders, health workers, scientists, and families impacted by COVID, are fighting for a People’s Pandemic Prevention Plan. This call to action is backed by 450+ organizations, including NAACP, SEIU, Greenpeace USA, Families USA, #VOTEPROCHOICE, People’s Action, Friends of the Earth Action, People for the American Way, Global Exchange, Center for Popular Democracy, Positive Women’s Network USA, Torah Trumps Hate, Public Citizen, Social Security Works, Mighty Earth, Indivisible, Rainforest Alliance, Religious Action Center and many more—scroll to the bottom of this page for a list. Renowned experts like Professor Jeff Sachs, Professor Ruha Benjamin, Dr. Abdul El-Sayed, Dr. Nahid Bhadelia and Dr. Paul Farmer have joined the call, and are speaking up in Town Halls, online forums and op-eds advocating for this plan. In September and October 2020, R2H Action joined with Senator Elizabeth Warren and Representative Ro Khanna to advance the Pandemic Prevention Plan in Congress as a Congressional sign-on letter. After more than 300 grassroots meetings with Members of Congress and tens of thousands of emails and phone calls, 141 Members of Congress endorsed the plan, and powerfully paving the way to turn this plan into law in 2021.

These four priorities are not all that is needed—but we will not succeed unless we tackle these issues.


Restore decades of disinvestment in public health and impoverished communities by creating a permanent 300,000-person Public Health Corps, creating union jobs in community-based social change organizations, preferentially hiring from vulnerable communities impacted by systemic racism and the policies that push pandemic diseases onto the already poor and sick.

  • The initial work is contact tracing, testing, and quarantine/isolation support and, eventually, vaccinations. When COVID-19 subsides, the Public Health Corps should tackle a broader range of health disparities, such as opioid addiction, homelessness, environmental racism, clean energy, and even rural broadband. 

  • The Association of State and Territorial Health Officials have estimated that at least 300,000 jobs are needed, and this number is supported by Obama/Biden CDC Director Tom Frieden’s estimate. They should be paid a living wage (similar to Census Workers) and belong to a union.

  • Rather than being low-level health service providers for government agencies, the Public Health Corps should be organizers working at community-based advocacy organizations, with linkages to health institutions, but purpose-built to organize for social change and mobilize to correct systemic and structural problems that have contributed to communities of color being disproportionately poor and sick long before COVID.

  • Take additional action to repair and heal the country with new protections for essential workers, COVID survivors and families, including: (1) compensation for victims and survivors of COVID-19, modeled after the 9/11 Victims Compensation Fund covering out-of-pocket medical costs, mental health counseling, funerals/burials, pain and suffering, and loss of earnings, while also providing GI-bill style educational benefits. (2) Implement a NIH research agenda for the "25-35% or more" of COVID-19 patients Dr. Anthony Fauci reports having with long term symptoms. These are millions who are or will be temporarily or permanently disabled by the coronavirus. (3) Pass the Essential ​Workers Bill of Rights. 

  • R2H Action supports the passage of S. 32/H.R. 460 Health Force, Resilience Force, and Jobs To Fight COVID–19 Act of 2021 


Drugs developed with U.S. taxpayer-funded R&D ($7.5 billion so far for COVID-19) will be locked behind costly patent monopoly barriers, priced to leave billions behind, and granting privileged access to whiter, wealthier people. This must change—for all medicines and vaccines, not just those invented during this pandemic. Domestically, exorbitant drug prices are an enormous problem that must be addressed beyond this current crisis.

  • We must implement the important commitment the Vice President made to Ady Barkan by rejoining the global community and including open-access licensing requirements for medicines/vaccines substantially invented with public funds. Vaccines must be treated as a global public good, and publicly funded inventions must be contributed to a global patent pool for low- and middle-income countries. Patent pools have already been endorsed by the Obama/Biden Administration, used by U.S. programs like PEPFAR, and called for by 193 of 194 countries at the most recent World Health Assembly—only the Trump Administration opposed.

  • In the U.S., we must build on H.R. 3’s overwhelming House passage by establishing an HHS panel to negotiate prices with prescription drug corporations, with prices to be set by an independent assessment of clinical value and novelty, real public and private R&D investments, and, like Donald Trump promised (but never delivered), the median prices across other high-income countries.

  • If a prescription drug corporation refuses to agree to a fair price, the U.S. President should make use of the existing powers a president already has, at the stroke of a pen, to license a generic producer. This is the only tactic to ensure prices always come down and that patients always get the medicines they need. 

  • The United States should join the 186-nation WHO- and GAVI-led COVAX Facility to guarantee the most people get access to proven vaccines, at the lowest cost, the fastest. Donald Trump's go-it-alone strategy raises costs, causes bidding wars with allies, creates manufacturing and distribution bottlenecks, and may well put Americans last-in-line for for vaccines created in other countries.  


We can’t stop a pandemic anywhere until we stop it everywhere. According to a National Academies Commission, it costs about 65 cents per-person annually to meet WHO's International Health Regulations stop most pandemics before they start. Account after account demonstrate that averages around $30 billion annually, from all donor sources, would avert some $20-$30 TRILLION in economic losses to a future pandemic—as well as save millions of lives. We are also losing ground on many global health priorities, such as ending AIDS, TB and malaria. Congress and the President must pandemic-proof the planet, including increases for existing programs as well as at least $2.5 billion in seed funds for multilateral action to prevent pandemics at the source:

  • Update the Global Health Security Agenda to include a five-year initiative to meet WHO’s International Health Regulations in every low-income country and high-risk middle-income country that is a zoonotic transmissions hotspot. Make direct investments to make public-sector health systems, including labs, surveillance networks, equipment, supplies, and health workforce to detect, manage, and mitigate outbreaks where they start, before they spread. 

  • Increase funds for other global health programs already addressing COVID and other critical pandemics on the ground, and meet Joe Biden’s commitment to “ending the HIV/AIDS epidemic by 2025”, with increases for PEPFAR’s annual budget (flat-funded for years), and sustaining the U.S. contribution to the Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria in the 2021 COVID-19 relief law annually at $2 billion annually for the next three years, to make up for ground lost against AIDS, TB and malaria due to COVID-19.

  • We must retool “foreign aid” from charity to a necessary investment in solidarity, security and human rights, and work with international partners to democratize global health architecture to lift up the voices and demands of the most vulnerable and those who have been silenced. It’s time for a Global Fund to End Pandemics that funds bottom-up, country owned, community led pandemic prevention plans. R2H Action supports President Biden's call for a multilateral catalytic financing mechanism, and join scores of coalition partners to urge Congress to leverage other donors by putting at least $2.5 billion on the table for global action in 2021.


HIV, SARS, H1N1, Ebola, Zika, MERS, and COVID-19 are all zoonotic diseases. New diseases are jumping from animals-to-humans at a steeply accelerating rate, primarily due to deforestation: corporate extractive industries that destroy indigenous lands and communities in order to sell products to wealthier people elsewhere. Zoonotic disease hotspots have already been mapped out, and climate change-inducing corporate encroachment into wildlife habitats is putting the world at risk. Modest investments in community health and jobs training have been proven to stop logging, improve health, alleviate poverty, save wildlife. This investment pays itself back 13 fold, counting only conserved carbon.

We know where the problems are, and what's causing them. All that is missing is action:

  • Prevent outbreaks at the source by fund community-based economic alternatives to climate change and deforestation in the top 500 zoonotic transmission hotspots, providing health care, jobs training and support for economic development activities less dangerous than palm oil plantations, strip mining, burning the Amazon, illegal logging, and wildlife trade. Support indigenous communities to protect ancestral land from commercial exploitation. 

  • Meanwhile, phase-in prohibitions against U.S. product sales by corporations with irresponsible deforestation or illegal wildlife trade anywhere in their supply chains. Use the purchasing power of the United States to progressively close off markets to companies that put the world at risk, with deforestation and wildlife trade products prohibited within 10 years.




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