R2HA was launched the week of the first lockdown, and has grown to become a 50-state grassroots movement of >100,000 activists, scholars, health workers, and people who have lost loved ones to COVID-19. 

We include and center people who have lost someone to COVID in everything we do. 

Our 40-50 person steering committee (below) makes our decisions. The majority of members are, by policy, people of color. R2HA is a registered 501-C(4) non-profit organization.


R2H Action is fighting to leverage the COVID-19 disaster to ensure that the human right to health and a safe environment is realized by everyone, everywhere.

COVID-19 should not have happened.  We organize to stop the cycle of outbreak-panic-neglect that leaves millions dead in an era of rapidly accelerating new disease outbreaks that disproportionately impact people who are already poor and sick. . To prevent future pandemics, we must challenge systems of inequality.See this page for some of R2HA's policy demands.


COVID-19 has exposed cracks in a colonialist system of inequality.

We aim to be a crowbar in those cracks, leveraging this moment for transformative change.

Want to get involved? Pick up a crowbar! We organize 100-200 meetings with elected officials every month, and welcome passionate volunteers.

If you have an interest and experience in policy, organizing, direct action, or communications, and 5+ hours/week, sign up here!

You can also donate to support our grassroots organizing. 


Our group started as conversations between emerging and veteran activists, front-line health workers, and scholars, united in anger to be facing yet another pandemic, and committed to direct action to stop COVID-19 and prevent the pandemics of the future. R2HA was born on March 19th, 2020—during the first lockdown.

We knew that globalization and climate change was causing an accelerating explosion in new outbreaks of animal-to-human diseases. As leaders of decades-long campaigns to end AIDS and tuberculosis, we were infuriated that, once again, a predictable and preventable global cataclysm was made worse by irresponsible leaders pushing racist, denialist policies.

We had to create a plan to use the moment to leverage transformative change. At the same time, we needed to develop new tactics for training and action for a virtual world. The team launched a series of "Web-Ins": online teach-ins from leading scholars, policy makers and activists to illuminate the issues and opportunities needed to stop the pandemics. After wide consultations, the team crafted the People's Pandemic Prevention Plan. This living document plan continues to grow and evolve as we learn more, as our team grows, and as policymakers find a way to accommodate more of our demands.

The COVID-19 crisis presents us with the opportunity to create a more equitable new normal. We urgently need to learn from this pandemic, build relationships, engage with experts and  frontline providers, and take leadership from people who have been most impacted. The atrocities of COVID-19, along with other still unresolved pandemics like HIV, malaria, or the pandemic of untreated addiction: all of these preventable outbreaks are the products of polices. 

We are building a movement to win the human right to health and a healthy, safe environment, worldwide. Please join the team!



* denotes leadership on the Right to Health Action Board