COVID-19 never should have happened.

In May 2022, the U.S. surpassed ONE MILLION deaths from COVID-19,

out of more than SIX MILLION deaths globally. 

That represents six million policy failures. 

Together, we are organizing to stop the nightmare.

Help us pass legislation to build up public health justice in America, vaccinate the world, and pandemic-proof the planet. Help us mobilize a COVID Army to be a vocal presence at every 2022 campaign event and town hall. 

Donate now and make COVID history.



Covers the cost of sending 25,000 petitions demanding action for COVID-19


Funds a training on how to "birddog" politicians in the midterms, putting them on the spot with COVID stories and demands for action


One local direct action to protest almost seven million COVID deaths worldwide


Staff time costs of getting together one MOC meeting with constituents


Pays 1/2 cost for supplies, permits and sometimes bail for one of the in-person direct actions we organize around the country


Covers a stipend for one of our State Captains and Regional Organizers, who organize hundreds of meetings with elected officials every month