Pandemics are rapidly accelerating and intensifying. Some pathogens will be more contagious. Some more deadly. Some will be both. As a result of globalization and climate change, there were six times more outbreaks of zoonotic origin in 2010 than in 1980. What we do right now will impact the world for years to come. 

In our next Web-In, “The Campaign for a Global Fund to Pandemic Proof the Planet” we’re going to dive into our policy vision to prevent future pandemics through the formation of a new “Fund for Global Health Security and Pandemic Prevention and Preparedness”. In the discussion, we will address the question of why such a fund is needed and unpack how this mechanism will dismantle legacies of oppression in global health. 

We are excited to welcome our guest panelists:


  • Heather Flynn Menendez 

  • Nigel Sizer 

  • Paul Davis

  • Moderated by Emily Bass 


We must prevent new disease spillovers, not simply contain them. Historically, our global containment strategies have prioritized wealthy countries and left low-income countries to fend for themselves against diseases. 

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