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Want to get more involved with our organizing? Can you meet with your members of Congress, show up for protests, or attend town hall meetings? Join one of our state teams!

Thank you for taking action! 

Every single one of our actions is valuable – another pebble on the scale.

Want to add
more pebbles? Make a call to Congress! We are galvanizing our networks to call Senator Mitt Romney and Senator Bill Cassidy.

Sen. MITT ROMNEY (202) 224-5251
Sen. BILL CASSIDY (202) 224-5824

I am calling with an urgent request for the Senator to fight to pass an emergency COVID supplemental with at least $5 billion for global vaccines, without offsets. The plan to strip global vaccines from the COVID bill is a deadly mistake that will prolong the pandemic.
Only 0.34% of all COVID funds to date have been directed internationally. Arguments about unspent relief funds are only relevant to domestic funding. 

Meanwhile, new variants are flooding hospitals and shutting down cities internationally.

Will your boss fight for at least $5 billion for global COVID vaccines, without offsets?

(If you do make a call, let us know by filling out this short reporting form!)

Thank you for being part of the fight.
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