Thanks for signing the petition urging Joe Biden to fight for vaccines. Can you also let his Transition Team know we need action? 

Click the tweet below to send it to Joe Biden's Surgeon General Nominee, Transition Team Member and COVID-19 Task Force co-chair Vivek Murthy!

ACTION: Send a Tweet to Joe Biden's Surgeon General nominee calling for the People’s Pandemic Prevention Plan!

Joe Biden is heading to the White House, ending an era of deadly, failed leadership on COVID-19. Action is urgently critical, right now, during this  time of transition, explosive pandemic spread, before vaccines are widely distributed. 

The Biden Transition Team has not yet adopted the the People’s Pandemic Prevention Plan, even though 450 organizations, 65,000 activists and 141 Members of Congress have endorsed the plan.

With 1.6 million dead worldwide and millions more  infected and suffering long term effects, we can't let up now!

Joe Biden's nominee for Surgeon General and COVID Task Force co-chair Dr. Vivek Murthy. As leader of the Biden Administration’s COVID-19 agenda, if we can convince Dr. Murthy to support the People's Pandemic Prevention Plan,

we'll have gone a long way towards stopping the pandemics of the future.

Here’s how you can help now:

If we collectively flood Dr. Vivek Murthy's Twitter feed with demands, he will feel public pressure to listen and act. 

Please click the link below to send a tweet to Dr. Vivek Murthy. (You'll be able to edit it before clicking send if you want.) NO TWITTER ACCOUNT? That's OK!: You can also click here to send a letter to Congress.

To fight COVID, build back better, and stop this nightmare from ever repeating, I’m urging @JoeBiden’s Surgeon General nominee & COVID Task Force co-chair @vivek_murthy to meet with @R2HAction, and adopt the People’s Pandemic Prevention Plan:

After you send the tweet, or if you don't have a Twitter account, you can still help: 

Click here to send a letter to your Elected Officials, demanding the People's Pandemic Prevention Plan.

Thanks for taking action to stop COVID-19, build back better, and prevent the pandemics of the future.