When it comes to pandemics... No one is safe, until we're all safe.  There is no excuse that low-income countries may not receive these life-saving vaccines until 2024. This is not a matter of resources, this is a matter of political will. 

We've assembled this "resource hub" of information related to vaccine equity and access. Make sure to join us at our next teach-in and learn even more about this critical issue. We need to keep the pressure on for vaccine equity and access!


Hear from Dr. Tom Frieden, former CDC Director, and Chris Noble on the R2H Organizing team about the current state of play for vaccinating the world and what is needed to ramp up our efforts to get shots in the arms to people everywhere. 

Next Steps for Vaccine Access


We convened the experts for a teach-in on vaccine equity and what needs to happen to ensure we can vaccinate EVERYONE as soon as possible, not just people in wealthy countries. 

Hear from our panelists:

  • Priti Radha Krishtel, a health justice lawyer and co-founder of I-MAK, a non-profit building a more just and equitable medicines system.

  • Leena Menghaney, an activist with Medicine Sans Fronteir’s Access Campaign based in India (Otherwise known as Doctors Without Borders)

  • Matthew Rose, a longstanding HIV and social justice advocate, policy wonk, and Director of U.S. Policy & Advocacy at Health GAP


[WATCH] Should Rich Countries Be Obligated to Share Their Vaccines?

Listen to our upcoming panelist Priti Krishtel speak with Hari Sreenivasan about the need to rethink how patents are regulated. While the COVID-19 vaccine is readily available in the U.S., the UK and Israel, experts are saying that most of Africa and parts of South America and Asia will wait until 2023 for its inoculations. Health inequality was badly exposed during this pandemic, but Priti Krishtel says it doesn't have to be this way. She is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of the non-profit Initiative for Medicines, Access & Knowledge.


[ARGUMENT] Tackling Pandemics Means Relearning the Lessons of Fighting HIV

By Ethan Guillen and Emily Bass, R2H Action 

[WEBSITE] Prevent Epidemics provides clear and concise country-level data on epidemic preparedness

Dr. Tom Frieden, President & CEO 

[PODCAST ] Is Racism Shaping the Global Vaccine Response?

With Priti Krishtel, Tahir Amin and Asia Russell 

[EDITORIAL] Suspend intellectual property rights for COVID-19 vaccines

By Priti Krishtel 

[ARTICLE] First, the Waiver. Next, let’s Vaccinate the World.

By Peter Maybarduk 

[REPORT] Hit Hard, Hit Fast, Hit Globally: A Model for Global Vaccine Access

Prepared by PrEP4All 

[ARGUMENT] End the Pandemic Faster by Listening to Developing Countries

By Ethan Guillen, R2H Action 

[OPINION] US Support for Vaccine Waiver Welcome, but More Needed

By Jomo Kwame Sundaram 

[ARTICLE] The COVID-19 Vaccine Patent Waiver Fight Is Far From Over

By Daniel Marans